B2B extranet / Sector Catalog

Check! For Brocom we developed a single central digital platform where 2300 brokers, two broker federations and 15 insurance companies find all marketing and communication tools and much more to raise their profile as a Broker in Insurance.

The challenge

Brocom unites brokers, broker federations and insurance companies around one shared goal: promoting brokers. That’s why Brocom launched ‘Your Broker, Your Best Insurance’, a hallmark for independent brokers, and runs regular campaigns on insurance topics.

The folks at Brocom wanted to upgrade their extranet to raise the visibility of the hallmark, keep it top of mind and persuade its members to actively use the available campaign and promotional material. The aim was to create a contemporary digital platform that was both user-friendly and easy to upscale. Digital acceleration? We put our pedal to the metal.

Our approach

That said, we didn’t rush into things. We started by closely examining the existing extranet together with the customer. What works well; what could be improved? How can the user experience be optimized? Application modernization is the name of the game. Once we’d gathered together all the input, we sketched the new structure in a wireframe. Only then did our developers slide into the driving seat.

What was the result?

A digital broker platform with campaign library, a rundown of tools and services, an information centre (linked to various external databases) and a news section. Everything the modern broker needs is now available in one place. The new B2B extranet boasts an attractive design and is a cinch to navigate. So intuitive! Each member broker also has their own mini-website, including a back office, where they decide which contact and other data are displayed on the public website that’s linked to the platform www.makelaarinverzekeringen.be.

So, all done? There’s still a way to go. The platform remains a work in process. More new features will be added going forward. We’re waiting patiently in pitlane.

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