Customer engagement platform for installers

ABB-Vynckier has run loyalty campaigns for years now with the aim of strengthening ties with its fitters, rewarding them for their fidelity and generating leads. Offline. We developed an online engagement platform in connection with the firm’s centenary. A digital solution that can be flexibly adapted to the theme and goal of individual campaigns. And more.

The challenge

Electric installation material dealer ABB-Vynckier wanted to give its traditional annual Colli loyalty campaign a boost. They wanted to improve its efficiency and flexibility on all levels: set-up, organization and communication to participating fitters and wholesalers. A digital solution was the go-to response.

Our approach

The principles of the loyalty campaign are always the same: fitters who buy products from ABB-Vynckier wholesale earn credits when they show their proof of purchase, which they can then redeem for prizes. Based on brainstorming session with the client and a functional and technical analysis, we quickly developed a vision on how the new online engagement platform should look. The main focus of our efforts throughout the whole process was ease of use: logging in, checking credits, uploading invoices, ordering prizes... User convenience was king. Check!

What was the result?

The online engagement platform is quite a feat of UX design. Fitters have a personal login to give them 24/7 access to their own page, where they can check their credit balance and read full details of the campaign. The credit balance is updated automatically when they upload a proof of purchase. They don’t need to do anything… save redeem the credits for prizes in the campaign store. Every order triggers an integrated email flow to fitters.

With a view to supporting the launch, we also created the requisite marketing tools to tell the target audience all about the campaign and the ins and outs of the online platform. We made sure no one was in any doubt about the value of signing up, with letters, folders, displays at wholesalers, online marketing and ads in trade magazines.

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