Intranet connects employees

The brand-new online platform we have developed for Würth Belux has everything they need to share news with colleagues, connect departments and share documents: basically a well-functioning internal communication flow. You can even use it to order lunch!

The challenge

Assembly and attachment specialist Würth Belux has had an intranet for its staff for a while now. It started to show signs of its age, however, and there was little upscale capacity. As a result, it was falling into disuse. Time for something new.

Our approach

Our teams took on responsibility for developing a new intranet. We began with an in-depth analysis. We listened to what the client had to say and looked into why staff were sidestepping the existing platform. Guess what? Login and password issues were the biggest source of frustration. The solution was coupling it with an active directory. But we didn’t stop there.

What was the result?

We prioritized a pleasant user experience in the design phase. That’s why, after login, each employee is directed to a personal dashboard and addressed by their first name. Other fun features, such as the mood barometer, the birthday calendar and did-you-knows, add an extra level of attractiveness. Need to order lunch? Check the newsfeed? Like posts of colleagues or post something yourself? See what’s trending on the Würth socials and what activities are coming up over the next few weeks? The dashboard is the place to be! Notifications keep everyone up to speed on the latest developments in the organization.

The platform is also a practical work tool for sharing information and documents, retrieving the contact details of colleagues in the who’s who, and saving the docs and contacts you need most. There’s also a clutter-busting need-to-know option, where information is shared only with members of a specific user group. That improves the efficiency of the whole information-sharing process.

The new intranet is device-agnostic and is available in a PWA version for iOS and Android.

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