Online pricing platform in UX design

Rockwool Technical Insulation asked us to help them make their product pricelists more user-friendly. We developed a digital platform to ensure dealers of technical insulation in Europe had all the latest prices. We are now working on the US version of the super-convenient pricing tool.

The challenge

As a global manufacturer of technical insulation solutions, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has a whole host of different pricelists. Until recently, these were drawn up for each country separately and they were offline. Hard copies, then. That was neither efficient nor convenient. Or sustainable for that matter. And obsolescence was often just around the corner. Time for something new. A digital pricing platform!

But how do you create a user-friendly scalable online application that gives more than 1200 dealers in 25 territories up-to-date information and accurate prices, with due consideration for the differences across countries? Challenge accepted!

Our approach

After a thorough analysis of existing processes, user profiles and the needs, we put together a plan in consultation with the client. Once we had the basic outline of the platform we built a prototype. That gave us more insight into how it would work and the opportunity to optimize the user experience. We selected the latest Blazor cross-platform technology for development.

What was the result?

Rockprice: a custom-designed user-friendly online application that users immediately embraced. The smart choice of technology means it’s also future-proof and scalable. No need for complexity, we made it easy-peasy!

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